Select A Target

Target Diagrams

ShotPlot™ includes over 175 different target diagrams from 9 different disciplines, with more being added all the time. Supported disciplines include: Australian Target Rifle/F-Class/TRA, Canadian Target Rifle/F-Class, I.C.F.R.A Target Rifle, ISSF, Palma, UK NRA (Target Rifle/F-Class, UK NSRA (Rifle, Decimal, Air, Pistol), USA NRA (A-, B-, SR-, MR-).

Keeping Score

Keep Score, Keep Time

What's the point of switching to digital if it doesn't do all the little things you'd rather not - ShotPlot™ keeps a running tally of your score as well as cumulative time spent shooting. Just one more advantage ShotPlot™ has over it's paperback brethren.

Mil-Dot Ranging Tool

Mil-Dot Ranging

Included in ShotPlot's™ toolbox is a Mil-Dot Ranging tool that accepts many different input types and can output any unit-type you require... getting you on paper, faster. There's even a visual reference, in case it's been a while.

Choose a color theme

Color Themes

Whether the lighting conditions are optimal or not, ShotPlot™ has a theme for the event... Shooting in direct sunlight?  Switch to the White theme to increase contrast, cut through glare and continue plotting with ease.


Digital Plot-o-Matic

ShotPlot™ is the original, digital Plot-o-Matic. Optimized to run on Apple's iOS, there is no better solution for your electronic plotting needs. Already the industry-standard in digital Plot-o-Matic's, ShotPlot's™ feature-set is constantly growing, making new advancements on current technology and improving the efficiency and accuracy of shooters everywhere.

Stats and Graphs

Statistical Analysis

The heart of the ShotPlot™ system is it's ability to analyse your shooting history/data and pin-point the areas that require further attention. Learn at what time of day your score falls-off, or which wind conditions you struggle with the most - all without doing anything more than you are now... Same effort, more feedback; Sounds like a easy decision to us.

Conversion Table

Reference & Conversions

Even the most practiced marksmen needs a reference card once and a while, that's why ShotPlot™ includes highly useful conversions and field references at the touch of your finger. Convert bullet speeds and ammo pressure or COS to Degrees - Even find out what value wind you're shooting in. It's fast and easy with ShotPlot™ at your side.

Keep Notes

The best Target Logs come with plenty of room to take notes and ShotPlot™ learned this lesson early. Not only can you input notes about the shooting session in general, ShotPlot™ lets you enter notes for each individual shot - Keeping tabs on floaters and distractions has never been easier.

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